Healthcare Case Management Certification Blog on Primary Care Lowered Healthcare Costs

Primary care can lower higher healthcare prices by diagnosing potential problems before they become acute.  Regular primary care visits and checkups can perform the preventative measures that can help a person distinguish between healthy and unhealthy choices.  Regular blood work and physical checkups can spot early issues that can lead to more expensive treatments later.  Primary care can play a large role in better health and less cost.

Regular checkups with a primary physician can lower healthcare costs. Please also review AIHCP’s Healthcare Case Management Certification


The article, “How Primary Care Can Help Lower Healthcare Costs” from UniCare State Indemnity PlanBrand Partner, looks more closer how primary care can play a key role in lowering healthcare costs.  The article states,

“Whole health is not only about your physical health, but the behavioral, emotional, and social factors that affect your overall well-being. Non-clinical factors like access to nutritious food and reliable transportation, personal finances, and social isolation can determine up to 80 percent of health outcomes. Primary care physicians (PCPs) are well positioned to help their patients better understand and manage such drivers of health – think of them as the quarterbacks of healthcare.”

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