Crisis Intervention Counseling Certification Blog on Mental Crisis

Mental health crisis can occur at any moment especially when tragedy or traumatic loss occurs.  The crisis counselor is equipped with training to help individuals face the present crisis or deal with the suicidal ideas.  Many crisis counselors are licensed counselors but many also work under the umbrella of an mental health organization at crisis centers.  First responders are also sometimes trained in crisis intervention strategies.

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The article, “What Is a Mental Health Crisis?” by Matthew Boland looks closer at the nature of a mental health crisis and how professionals help individuals deal with the crisis.  He states,

“Others define a mental health emergency as a life threatening situation in which someone is a danger to themselves or others, while a crisis is non-life-threatening, but the person is still severely distressed. Some others say an emergency is someone attempting suicide, while a crisis is someone thinking about or planning suicide. Whether you call it a “mental health emergency,” “crisis,” or “mental breakdown,” people having these experiences need immediate support.”

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