Pet Loss Grief Support Blog on Helping Children Grieve a Pet

It can be very difficult to finally say goodbye to a dog or cat or any pet.   It is something that requires much thought and considerations.  It is not only about one’s feelings but also for the best interests of one’s pet family.  It is maybe one of the toughest decisions to finally say goodbye and is very painful.  Teaching children how to say goodbye is key.

Children need help grieving pets. Please also review AIHCP’s Pet Loss Grief Support


The article, “These three simple things helped my kids grieve after our pet died” by Jessie Harrold looks at how to help children say goodbye.  He states,

“We spent the days and weeks after our pup passed telling stories, creating art, and poring over pictures of Roxy. It wasn’t until my son started having impromptu “funerals” on our family outings that we realized how important these little rituals of grieving were to his ability to process something as complex and overwhelming as loss.”

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