Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Article on Bad Habits

Hypnosis can help with a variety of issues that plagues one’s life.  Many deal with various vices such as smoking or drinking or gambling.  Clinical Hypnotherapy can help the person curb those impulses and help the brain reject them.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help with bad habits, but also many other things. Please also review AIHCP’s Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification


The article, “Can hypnotherapy help me overcome my vices?” by Kat Nicholls takes a closer look at how hypnotherapy can help an individual better control bad habits.  She states,

” Vices like drinking, smoking and gambling have become a crutch for some and with services across the country stretched, getting support hasn’t been easy. With traditional routes to support unavailable, some have sought alternative approaches like hypnotherapy. Working at a subconscious level, the aim of hypnotherapy is to make deep changes to our responses, encouraging us to choose something more helpful to help us cope with the stress and anxiety we experience. ”

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