Healthcare Case Management Program Article on Risk Management

Reducing risk to the patient and improving care is essential for any healthcare organization.  Providing the best care with the best risk management not only helps the patient but also protects the institution from future liabilities and helps the institution provide its mission to provide the best care.  It is because of this that risk management is an essential study and need within any organization.

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The article, “Why Healthcare Risk Management Is Important” by Caitlyn Cooley looks closer at the importance of risk management.  She states,

“Medical liability and reducing an organization’s risk against unseen threats has changed exceptionally since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen new treatment centers, vaccines, and mass staffing problems across the United States. Risk management strategy “has traditionally focused on the important role of patient safety and the reduction of medical errors that jeopardize an organization’s ability to achieve its mission and protect against financial liability”, according to NEJM Catalyst. Unfortunately, these traditional risk mitigation techniques are not enough to combat cyberattacks on medical infrastructure.”

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