Pastoral Thanatology Program Video AIHCP

Care of the dying is essential.  All human beings deserve to die with dignity.  They deserve not just to have their physical needs met but also their spiritual, emotional and mental.  The dying deserve to die with dignity-minimization of pain and comfort.  They should die with kindness and love.  Unfortunately this is not possible for all, but for the ones who are able, family, chaplains and caregivers can provide the love and support to help the dying leave this world with peace.

Pastoral Thanatology is key in this.  It looks at pastorally helping the dying in all phases of human existence.  It goes well beyond the physical but also addresses fear and grief as well as helping family better help the soon to be deceased.

AIHCP offers a four year certification in Pastoral Thanatology.  The program in online and independent study and is open to qualified professionals.


Please review AIHCP’s video for its Pastoral Thanatology Program