Pet Loss Grief Support Certification Article on Grieving a Good Dog

Losing a dog is a painful life experience.  For some it happens multiple times, for others, the pain may be so great, it only happens once and they are unable to open up again.  The bond between human and canine is undeniable.  It is so strong that the love can be as strong as any love between family.  For those who truly understand it, the loss of a dog is the loss of family.  A dog is not owned, a dog is not a pet, but a family member that is loved and cherished.   Hence the loss of a dog can be a very agonizing loss.

Losing a dog is like losing family for many. Please also review AIHCP’s Pet Loss Grief Support Certification


The article, “How to Grieve for a Very Good Dog” by Annette McGivney looks closer at the grief experienced over the loss of a dog.  She states,

“When my yellow Lab died last spring, I was flattened by an overwhelming sadness that’s with me still. And that’s normal, experts say, because losing a pet is often one of the hardest yet least acknowledged traumas we’ll ever face.”

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