ADHD Consulting Program Article on Most Never Outgrow of ADHD

ADHD usually stays with an individual.  A recent study pointed out that only 10 percent of children with ADHD grow out of it as an adult.  This means many individuals who have ADHD still need help as adults.  Many adults need to learn how to cope with ADHD symptoms but for those who have never been diagnosed or those who discontinue care as they grow older can face many challenges.


Few outgrow the effects of ADHD. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Program


The article, “Only 10% of kids with ADHD grow out of it as adults, study says” by Katherine Ellison looks closer at untreated ADHD in adults.

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It is important hence for individuals to continue treatment or utilize coping skills in dealing with ADHD.  Parents should also be proactive in helping their children receive the mental help they need for better social and academic success.  It is something that will probably not go away and hence requires attention.

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