Case Management Certification Article on Outcome Improvement and Revenue Recovery

Contact with patients is key to good case management.  Communication, updates and ensuring patients meet recovery requirements, as well as future preventative measures.  These things improve patient outcomes but also increases revenue for the facility.

Better patient outcomes is best for the patient but also the financial security of hospitals. Communication is key in ensuring better outcomes and regular recovery as well as preventative visits. Please also review AIHCP’s Case Management Certification


The article, “Closing Gaps in Care: Improving Patient Outcomes and Revenue Recovery” by Jaci Haack looks at three ways hospitals and other healthcare facilities can better engage patients and also increase revenue in the process.  She states,

“Encouraging patients to return to care sooner will not only ensure better outcomes but also ease the healthcare system back to normal. Given the magnitude of postponed care, this will hopefully quell a sudden wave of hospitalizations for newly diagnosed conditions that could overwhelm hospitals that may be facing another COVID-19 surge.”

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As society attempts to recover from the virus, it is important to engage patients to ensure quality care and prevention.  It is also important for healthcare to continue to grow financially so it can continue to offer services to patients.  Better Outcome Patient Management is key to this and communication is pivotal

Please also review AIHCP’s Case Management Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification as a Healthcare Case Manager.