Legal Nurse Consulting Program Article on Malpractice

Malpractice suites happen all the time.  Sometimes they are justified, other times they are not.  Regardless, there are ways to avoid malpractices beyond doing a good job.  While it is impossible to filter out all chances, by following certain standards and steps, to reduce the chance.

Healthcare providers need to protect themselves from malpractice. Please also review AIHCP’s Legal Nurse Consulting Program


The article, “7 tips to avoid a malpractice suit, according to experts” by Naveed Saleh, MD, MS looks at how healthcare providers can protect themselves.  The article states, 

“But, according to malpractice experts, many lawsuits are rooted in failures that largely relate to physician communication and trust. It may seem strange, but malpractice litigation has evolved to include patient perceptions and sentiments about failure to communicate and mistreatment, rather than medical errors. The upside is that such issues are preventable. It’s possible to avoid a malpractice suit by making the patient the center of your practice”

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Healthcare providers need to protect themselves.  The steps can help.

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