ADHD Consulting Certification Article on ADHD and Exercise

ADHD can have a hyperactive element.  Hence suffice to say the benefits of exercise in an ADHD child is important.  The multitude of benefits to mind and body are enormous and can help find the needed outlet for an ADHD child and also the peace later at home for the parents.

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The article, “What to know about exercise and ADHD” by Karen Gepp looks at how exercise can play a pivotal role in helping children with ADHD.  She states,

“Doctors may recommend doing particularly engaging or stimulating cardiovascular activities. These activities may help engage the person’s brain more, keep them from getting bored, and increase the cognitive benefits they get from the activity.  Depending on the person’s interests, both team and individual sports might fall into this category.”

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While not all exercise can benefit and not in all cases it can completely eliminate symptoms of ADHD, it may be beneficial to implement exercise into a child’s daily schedule to help the child cope better.

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