Stress Management Consultant Article on Stress and Weight Gain

If stress is not bad enough, it is also connected to weight gain because of the chemicals the body produces in the Flight or Fight Response.  Cortisol primarily is a leading culprit in weight gain.  If someone is constantly stressed, this hormone helps the body increase sugar and slows your metabolism.  In addition stress is indicative to unhealthy habits.  Stressed individuals rarely work out or walk in the open sun but instead eat unhealthy and lay in bed worrying.  These things prevent the regular day to day activities that help burn fat.

If Stress was not bad enough, it also leads a myriad of health issues, including high blood pressure, heart issues and weight gain.
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The article, “Stress and Weight Gain: What’s the Connection?” by Grant Tinsley takes a closer look at stress and weight gain connections.  He states,

“Cortisol releases glucose into your bloodstream to give you the boost of energy it thinks you’ll need to react to this. Prolonged or chronic stress can keep your cortisol levels on the rise. That can lead to an overload of glucose. If it’s left unmanaged, all of this extra glucose in your blood could lead to obesity.”

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