Meditation Instructor Certification Article on Awareness

Awareness or consciousness is a feature singular to humanity on Earth.  Only humanity can reflect on being itself.  Comprehension of why one does something and understanding it as well as understanding of not being conscious.   In Meditation, consciousness and awareness are key in deep and good inner silence.  Being conscious of basic breathing functions and regulating them are all essential.

Consciousness is a human trait that allows self reflection. This is key in meditation. Please also review AIHCP’s Meditation Instructor Program


The article, “How The Meditation Technique, ‘Wheel Of Awareness,’ Can Improve Your Well-Being” by Nancy Clark looks in more detail how consciousness in meditation plays into one’s overall health.  She states,

“How are the mind, brain and consciousness connected? The brain is an organ in the head, but there is more to it than that. According to Siegel, mind is your “subjective experience of life.” This is unique to each person. It’s how you receive and process information. Consciousness is the awareness of being aware. It is becoming the observer to your thoughts and experience, as well as the experiencer.”

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