ADHD Consulting Program Article on ADHD Medications and Side Effects

ADHD can be coped with but many times requires medication to help individuals overcome symptoms.  ADHD medication however can have many side effects.  Some side effects can be managed while others may be more difficult. Deciding on medication is an important discussion with one’s healthcare provider.

ADHD Medications can help but also have side effects. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Program


The article, “What to Know About ADHD Medication Side Effects” from Healthline looks closer at types of medications and also their side effects.  The article states,

“Medications always have the potential for side effects. Not everyone will experience the same side effects — or any at all. Some side effects go away, while others may not.  Talk with your doctor about the specific side effects of the medication you’re prescribed, and let them know if you experience any side effects.”

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