ADHD Consulting Certification Article on Calming the Restless Mind

A restless mind can prevent focus as well as sleep.  ADHD has the ability to disrupt a person’s train of thought and focus on one thing at a time.  Anxiety and sleepless nights can be the result.  Knowing how to calm the mind and cope with the symptoms of ADHD is critically important in finding peace.

Calming the restless mind can be a difficult thing with ADHD. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Certification


The article, “9 Calming Strategies for a Racing, Restless Mind” by Kate Moryoussef looks closer at how to calm the ADHD mind.  She states,

Guard your headspace, and pay attention to where you’re focusing your mental energy; set clear boundaries for emotional wellbeing. When we’re not intentionally choosing the right thoughts, the negativity can quickly become our reality and we begin attracting relatable scenarios to match what we’re energetically absorbing. Try this EFT tapping video to help you overcome your anxious thinking and ruminating.

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In addition, Meditation, EFT and Hypnosis can all be beneficial alternative practices to help calm the restless mind.  AIHCP offers certifications in all these specialty fields.

Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Certification and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification in ADHD Consulting.