Stress Management Consulting Program Article on Stress and Weight Gain

Stress causes multiple problems to the body due to the stress response.  In such a tense state, it can also affect over time one’s waist line and add to gaining weight.  Weight gain is directly correlated with chronic stress.

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The article, “Surprising Side Effects Stress Has On Your Waistline, Say Experts” by Perri Blumberg looks closer at how stress can affect weight gain.   She states,

“As Ivanir further elaborates, stress can lead to weight gain via a hormone called cortisol. “When under stress, the adrenal glands produce cortisol, which leads to a surge of energy by stimulating fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism,” she explains. “However, cortisol also increases appetite and cravings for sweet, fatty, and salty foods. With chronic stress, this overexposure to cortisol can lead to weight gain,” she adds, further noting that cortisol secretion also promotes abdominal fat accumulation.”

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Reducing stress is imperative to overall health and as one can see, stress affects almost every aspect of our life.  It is important to manage it in order to live a healthy and productive life.

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