ADHD Consulting Program Article on Identifying Adult ADHD

ADHD is usually seen more as a child mental problem but it is also very much an adult issue. If untreated, adult ADHD can cause a myriad of issues ranging from job stability to relationship problems.  When diagnosed, it can explain many of one’s personality traits and give some understanding why one behaves a certain way.  Treatment can help alleviate the symptoms as well and this is why it is important for it to be treated.

Identifying Adult ADHD is important and can help someone’s relationships and careers. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Program


The article, “What to know about untreated ADHD in adults” from Medical News Today looks at adult ADHD in greater detail.  The article states,

“ADHD can affect both children and adults, but the condition often goes unnoticed in people aged 18–44 years.  There are no laboratory tests that diagnose ADHD. When treating symptoms in adults, a doctor may evaluate a person’s medical and developmental history and look at their behaviors and how they interact with those around them.”

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