Grief Counseling Certification Article on Work Depression

Work is a necessity in life.  However, it can cause unneeded stress.  Work environments that are unhealthy physically and mentally can cause stress in many employees.  Dangerous and high risk jobs, or jobs with unforgiving deadlines, or even jobs that are repetitiously boring leaving the employee with little input can all cause stress.  Furthermore, some careers or jobs can also cause what is known as work depression.  Work depression differs than work stress in that the reaction within the body and mind is a more constant state and does not release after the stressor is absent.

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The article, “Work Depression: How to Take Care of Your Mental Health on the Job” from Healthline takes a closer look at work depression and its causes and how to better deal with it.  The article states,

“If you feel depressed when working, you’re not alone. Sadness, anxiety, loss of motivation, difficulty concentrating, unexplained bouts of crying, and boredom are just a small sampling of the things you may be feeling if you’re experiencing depressive symptoms at work.  Depression impacts over 17 million American adults each year.”

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