Anger Management Training Article on Anger Management

Anger Management is key in helping others control anger.  One of the big things is understanding the meaning and intent of others.  When they are misunderstood, anger can erupt and cause issues in all aspects of life.

Interpreting why someone responds a way is better than emotionally reacting without thought. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Training Program


The article, “How to Rethink and Manage Anger” by Ilene Strauss Cohen looks at how anger should be understood and how to avoid triggering it.  The article states,

“When people respond to situations with anger, there’s usually more to the story. Behind their rage is a fear of being hurt, a fear of not being able to stand up for themselves, or a fear of unjust or unfair things happening. These are all understandable feelings. And anger is also appropriate in many situations. The experience of anger isn’t wrong; it is when we express that anger in negative ways that it can be harmful to our lives. ”

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