Christian Counseling Training Article on Martin Luther King Jr and Ignatian Spirituality

The spirituality of great men and women guide them. It allows them to pour out the inner grace God has given them and share it with the world.  St Ignatius Loyola was one such visionary who dived deep within to ultimately pour back out to all.  Martin Luther King Jr shared very similar views as St Ignatius, in how he looked to find Christ in everyone.  Like St Ignatius, he looked to give service to humanity through love of Christ.

Ignation spirituality and Martin Luther King Jr vision of giving to the world are very similar. Please also review AIHCP’s Christian Counseling Training


This ultimately led to a social platform of peace, love and equality.  The same teachings of St Ignatius that was handed down originally from Jesus Christ.

The article, “The Jesuit Spirituality of Martin Luther King Jr.” by Marcia Chatelin looks deeper at the comparisons of both these great men in their love of Christ and search of social justice.  A social justice that is both a hallmark of Martin Luther King Jr. as well as the Jesuit Order.  The article states,

“We are able to return to King’s writings and speeches, and when paired with a review of the Spiritual Exercises, we can sharpen our gaze and our resolve to do justice to these compatible visions. Both provide us inspiration in seemingly opposite models, which are both necessary to identify and repair our fractured world: Ignatius’ mystic experience and King’s most humble revelations of faith; Ignatius’ great emptying of ego while alone and King’s luminous spirit in front of many”

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