ADHD Consulting Program Article on Organization and ADHD

ADHD has an ability to cause adults with it to be plagued with disorder.  The disorder is in every facet of their life.  Some forms of disorder can be brought to order though with clearer thinking and various coping strategies and tools.

Organization is important when living with ADHD. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Program


The article, “How to Declutter with an ADHD Brain: Organization Solutions for Real Life” by Linda Roggli looks at how individuals can declutter their ADHD life through simple solutions.  She states,

“More than half of adults with ADHD say disorganization is a serious problem, and 40% of women over the age of 40 say disorganization is their most urgent ADHD issue. Our ADHD brains are prone to clutter for a number of reasons: poor working memory, weak impulse control, and access to services like Amazon that instantly fulfil our whims. When the sheer physical and emotional space consumed by clutter becomes unmanageable, it can get in the way of relationships, work, and mental health.”

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ADHD can be difficult and any tips to help organize and keep life simpler is a benefit.  Learning how to cope and create solutions is a key to having a successful life while having ADHD.

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