Healthcare Life Coaching Certification Article on The Need of Exercise for Sitting Jobs

Sedentary life is unhealthy.  Yet, many Americans have job positions where sitting is a big part of their job.  With constant sitting, infused exercise is critical to good health.  Finding time to walk and have the necessary amount of steps for a day to keep blood levels and heart and lung health optimal is necessary.   Sometimes a percent can be in the office itself, with times to stretch and walk around but the implementation of exercise after work is critical for those who have sitting jobs.

Exercise is critically important for those in sitting jobs. Please also review AIHCP’s Healthcare Life Coaching Certification


The article, “11 Minutes of Exercise a Day May Help Counter the Effects of Sitting” by Gretchen Reynolds takes a closer look at how exercise can counter the ill effects of sitting all day.  She states,

“Walking for at least 11 minutes a day could lessen the undesirable health consequences of sitting for hours and hours, according to a helpful new study of the ways in which both inactivity and exercise influence how long we live. The study, which relied on objective data from tens of thousands of people about how they spent their days, found that those who were the most sedentary faced a high risk of dying young, but if people got up and moved, they slashed that threat substantially, even if they did not move much”

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