Legal Nurse Consultant Program Article on Meditation

Many malpractice cases never make it to the court room.  Some may not even make it to public record due to mediation.  Meditation is the process where the two parties can find a compromise for compensation due to malpractice.  It is cheaper, less stressful and spares the healthcare provider less unwanted publicity.

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The article, “Legal Malpractice Ideally Handled in Pre-Suit Mediation” from Miles Mediation and Arbitration looks at the process of mediation.  The article states,

“Resolving a matter pre-suit often means that it can be disposed of in weeks or months instead of years. The lawyer can quickly put the matter to bed and fully return to the business of law without the weight of uncertainty caused by litigation. The truncated time period also translates to cost savings in terms of legal fees. Relative to litigation, the cost of a pre-suit mediation is nominal.”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Legal Nurse Consultant Program.  Legal Nurse Consultants can play big roles in meditation.  The program is a four year certification for nurses.