Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Article on Heart Surgery and Malpractice

Heart surgery is a very risky surgery.  Not all heart surgeries are successful due to the risky and dangerous nature of it but some errors are preventable and fall outside the standard of risk.  Healthcare providers have the obligation to supply care and professionalism from the surgery preparation to checkups following heart surgery.  When they fail to adhere to standards of practice, and injury results, it is important to seek reparations.

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The article, “What Are My Legal Options Regarding Heart Surgery Malpractice?” from South Florida Reporter looks at some of the problems that can point towards a possible malpractice case after heart surgery.  The article states,

“There are various types of errors that can take place during heart surgery. Concerning heart surgeries, most errors take place in Balloon Angioplasties. A Balloon Angioplasty is a way to correct several heart problems such as heart attacks and artery diseases.  Next most erroneous, complications arise from Cardiac Ablations. Heart surgery errors can also arise from the incorrect diagnosis of a heart problem and during other surgeries, such as Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.”

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