ADHD Consulting Program Article on Stress, ADHD and the Pandemic

ADHD can be disruptive to one’s life.  It can cause not only issues at work but home.  It is important to know how to cope with it and reducing stress from it is key.  This is especially true during the pandemic.  Reducing stress in the home life is possible during these troubled times.

Keeping peace and less stress in the home during the pandemic and dealing with ADHD can be difficult.


The article, “5 Daily Rituals to Reduce Stress In Your ADHD Household Right Now” by Suzanne Allen looks at how to reduce stress during the pandemic in an ADHD household.  She states,

“These days, many parents with whom I work with are noticing diminishing space in between situations and responses — from their children and themselves. Stress has made these “spaces” smaller, bringing about more yelling, more door slamming, and more intense emotions in quarantine. And with another major stressor upon us – the back-to-school season – it’s even more difficult to stay measured in our reactions”

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