Healthcare Life Coach Certification Article on Exercise and Recovery

Many athletes and individuals who work out do not spend enough time in recovery.  Granting the body rest and refueling it for future work outs are key to productive muscle build and overall health.  It is imperative to allow the body the time it needs to heal and recover.

Recovery is an important part of the cycle of exercise. Please also review AIHCP’s Healthcare Life Coaching Certification


The article, “Why recovery is the key to effective exercise: How to reboot your workout routine” by Barbara Santas looks at the importance of recovery to the body as a critical part of the workout cycle.  She states,

“The reality is that exercise hurts our bodies. And recovery heals them. When we work out, we push our bodies to the point of cellular breakdown with the intention of building them back up stronger and more efficient. With every strenuous bike ride, weight training session or bout of high-intensity interval training, we give rise to this process.”

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