Legal Nurse Consulting Program Article on Malpractice Cases

A malpractice is a terrible thing to have happen.  The injury or pain caused can be overbearing and in some cases life altering.  The process of dealing with a malpractice enters its final phase during legal proceedings.  In this part, attorneys, legal nurse consultants and other experts explore the case and see its merits.

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The article,  “What You Should Expect During A Medical Malpractice Settlement Case Hearing” from looks at what to expect during this period.  The article states,

“Medical malpractice is when a doctor or a healthcare facility causes an injury to a patient through negligent practice of their standard procedures. Ask a lawyer, and  they will say that medical malpractice takes place when there is a violation of the recognized “standard of care”, which is the kind of care that is carried out by all medical professionals “under the same or similar circumstances”.

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