ADHD Consulting Article on Modifications Before Medicine

Children with ADHD sometimes need medication but medication can hold a myriad of side effects as well as a life long dependency on a pill.  Modifications and coping strategies can limit the need for medication or remove it.  It may not be the first step but it can lead to improved outcomes over time and remove the need for medication.

Before medication, various modifications should be done to see if a child can cope with medications. Please also review our ADHD Consulting Program


The article, “The question of medication: Life modifications might be an option for children with ADHD” by Ed Condran looks at modifications for children in regards to ADHD.  He states,

“There is no doubt some children need medication to quell their impulses and home them in on schoolwork, but why is it that comparable countries around the world have far fewer children on ADHD medication? What should parents do when they suspect their children’s lack of attention could be a problem in school?  Before visiting a physician, parents should take a look at their child’s actions and environment. Examine their diet, activity and sleeping patterns. If a child is exhausted, it impacts their attention span”

Hence beyond coping strategies, there can be a variety of ways one can learn to reduce the behavior. To read the complete article, please click here

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