Healthcare Case Management Article on Chronic Care

Chronic care for those recovering from heart failure need a variety of social aspects that go well beyond the office visit at the clinic.  Care involves also touching base with family care givers and the promotion of better healthy lifestyles and a fulfillment of diet and medical plans necessary to recovery.  Case Management plays a big role in watching the overall recovery effort and helping the chronic condition become better.

Care beyond the clinic for heart failure patients is important. Better diet and follow through on medical plan are also key. Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Program


The article, “Chronic Care Must Account for SDOH Needs, Family Caregivers” by Sara Heath states,

“Nearly 6.5 million people across the country have been diagnosed with heart failure, a disease that can be manageable with medications for some time but hinge on an ideal set of living circumstances to help the patient thrive. Central to that are the social determinants of health, or social factors that affect a patient’s ability to achieve wellness, and family caregivers. Both factor deeply into the patient journey and demand more attention going forward, AHA wrote in its two policy statements.”

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Please also review the American Academy of Case Management and its Healthcare Case Management Certification and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.