ADHD Consulting Training Program Article on ADHD and Finances

Managing money, like many things, can become difficult with ADHD.  ADHD can create an uncomfortable urge to continue to upgrade or add to something.  It can make one unsettled.  ADHD can hence become a major issue for adults who try to save money or spend more money.

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The article, “Managing finances when you have ADHD” from MONEYSENSE reviews ways to better save money despite the ADHD urges.  The article states,

“To break that down, we all have something called executive function: That’s a function of the brain that allows us to review and think about the decisions we are making, and create a strategy for seeing those decisions through. Now, people like me, who have ADHD—we don’t have as much control over that executive function. And what that looks like from the outside is impulsive and erratic behaviour, which can have financial consequences.”

ADHD can cause havoc with impulses and it is no wonder that financial issues can follow adults with ADHD.  To read the entire article, please click here

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