Grief Counseling: Depression Anxiety and Isolation

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, society for the first time in 100 years has seen the necessity for a self imposed and state quarantine.  Noone alive, or at least old enough to recall, remembers the 1918 influenza commonly referred to as the Spanish flu.   The Wuhan Virus, Coronavirus, or which ever you prefer to call it has brought present day society to something it has never experienced.  This experience will create anxiety and issues for the most healthy, but it can create far worst reactions in those who suffer from mental illness. substance abuse and depression.

Those who need social constructs to help them through daily life have been stripped of important support systems.  The depressed, the mentally unstable and the addict need to speak to peer groups or counselors.   They need prescriptions and medication to help maintain a normal balance in life.  This disruption poses a double threat; not only to the already tragic and scary situation of the deadly virus, but also in the dealing with their own deadly emotional demons.

Isolation and quarantine can affect the most healthy but has a double effect on the depressed and addicted. Please also review our Grief Counseling Program


Those facing issues need to take advantage of modern technology to communicate with others.  Various zoom meetings can still be arranged for support groups, as well as counseling appointments, but the isolation and inability to see others in person in times of doubt can play a big role for the depressed or those addicted to substances.  It can create a very strong temptation to drink or fall back into a deep depression.

Contact is key but also exercise and optimism.  A nice healthy jog or walk, and optimistic reads and programs are essential.   Friends need to check on each other, help each other with food, medicine, or a simple call.  While the truck load of new issues unloaded on people because of lockdown can cause immense financial and emotional toll, society needs to be alone together to achieve victory over the virus.  Together can be achieved through facetime, calls, texts and social media.

Seeing many talk show hosts present from home shows the universal situation we all share as a society.   Knowing one is not alone and that deliveries, stimulus checks, and good vibes still exist is critical to mental health.  While easier said than done, we must realize this too shall pass.   Restaurants, malls, and social gatherings will return.  Life will return to normal.  The pandemic of 1918 t 1920 infected a third of the population and killed over 50 million.  This pandemic has yet to see even see 5 million.   This will pass like the last plague passed 100 years ago.   Society needs to continue what needs done and remain hopeful and optimistic.  It is a time to overcome great hardship and grief and show history that our day also stood up its unique challenges.

In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo asks Gandalf why must he be born in such horrible times, but Gandalf assures Frodo that one cannot choose what time one is born into but instead can only handle how the time is given.   We as a society have now our own time and our own struggles and what will define us is how we handle it.   Whether depressed, addicted, or merely caught in the situation, we must rise to the occasion, help others and maintain an optimistic attitude as we do what needs to be done.

Please also review our Grief Counseling Program, as well as our Substance Abuse Counseling programs to become trained in helping others face grief and addiction.