Stress Management Consulting Article on Stress of Office Politics

Stress can be caused by multiple issues in the office.   Management needs to curtail these issues to create a productive work environment.   Office politics plays one of the biggest roles of stress in the office.   It can cause divisions, resentment and gossip.   It can also prevent management from rewarding based on merit instead of status.

Office politics and favoritism can play a large source of stress. Please also review our Stress Management Consulting Program


The article “Office politics major source of work related stress”  by Jayne Smith looks at some of the issues caused by office politics.  She states,

“In contrast, the number 1 cause of work-related stress is now ‘work-related office politics’ – with 37 percent commonly experiencing this issue. Following recent scrutiny and growing awareness of toxic work environments, ‘office politics’ clearly presents itself as a pressing issue for HR strategies in the upcoming year. ”

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Learning to overcome stress in the office is key to a healthy work environment and high productivity.  Please also review our Stress Management Consulting Program