Stress Management Consultant Certification Article on Managing Stress at Work

Stress is everywhere in life, but it is usually more intense in the workplace.  Work place stress varies from organization to organization.  Some work places its very nature is higher stressed while others have less stress, but it is important to minimize stress to the fullest potential.  How to deal with stress and incorporate stress management concepts is key for good business.  Less stress equates with better performance and output.

How can stress be reduced in the workplace? Please also review our Stress Management Consultant Certification


The article, “Workplace Mental Health Programs: What They Are, And What They’re Worth” by Silke Glaab looks at how to reduce stress and incorporate better practices.  The article states,

“With the growing prevalence of mental and stress-related disorders in the general population, the importance of health and well-being programs is being recognized more and more in the corporate world. Employers are also seeing its benefit both to attract new talent and to retain existing employees.”

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Workplace stress can be controlled and minimized through good stress management implementation.  Managers need to incorporate these strategies or utilize the aid of a certified Stress Management Consultant.  Please review our Stress Management Consultant Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals