Healthcare Case Management Certification Article on Difficult Readmission Patients

Some of the most expensive patients in healthcare are dealing with homelessness and addiction. These factors contribute to the patients not finding immediate resolution of the issue, as well as frequent re-admissions.  This results in higher prices and more difficult coordinated healthcare care management.  Case Managers find themselves in difficult positions trying to help the patient find a permanent resolution to the medical issues experienced.


Readmissions for the homeless and addicted are among the highest. Please also review our healthcare case management certification


The article, “These Patients Are Hard to Treat” by Reed Abelson looks at these two types of patients and better ways to help them and also reduce cost.  She states, 

“These individuals, frequently struggling with addiction or homelessness, have extremely complicated medical conditions. By finding them and connecting them to the right doctors and social services, dozens of costly hospital stays could be avoided. The idea has been adopted in numerous communities around the country.”

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