Christian Counseling Training Article on the Salvation of the Cross

The redemption by Christ is referred to in Theology as Soteriology.  Jesus’ death on the cross was the ultimate and perfect sacrifice which gave humanity a second change and a rebirth.  It opened the founts of heaven once again.  The blood of Christ energized the channels of grace to humanity. It reconnected the life of humanity with the Creator.

The historical incident, where the perfect man represented humanity as its high Priest, as a perfect sacrifice, being God as well, allowed humanity to repay the infinite debt of the sin of Adam.  Where Adam said no, Christ said yes.  Jesus hence offered reparation for our sins and brought humanity salvation.


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The article, “5 Ways the Death of Jesus Saves You” by Lesli White looks at how the death of Jesus plays a pivotal role in our salvation.  She states,

“To be saved, or born again is to accept the plan of salvation that Jesus offers us. In order to understand salvation, it’s imperative that we understand the death and resurrection of Christ which points to our salvation. The son of God was made human, and during His earthly life, he lived a perfect life, and died not because He wanted to but because we needed salvation”

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Hence the sacrifice of Christ was a necessity.  A sacrifice was needed.  One that was perfect and offered atonement for the infinite debt of sin.  Only a person could represent the offending party, but only a God could cover the infinite price.  The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity becoming man, or as scripture says, the Word became Flesh was the moment in history when God and man became unified in one person.  Two natures that existed in perfect harmony.

Through the Incarnation, humanity was open to redemption.  It is through Christ, and his mother Mary’s yes, that Adam and Eve’s curse was removed from the human race.  Through the fonts of Baptism which are fueled through the Blood of Christ, original sin would be removed from the world one person at a time.  Through one’s faith realized through Baptism, all are born again in Christ and put on Christ.

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