Grief Counseling Training Program Article on Life and Loss

In life there are a few constants, unfortunately, death and loss is one.  While one plans one’s day and deals with stress and daily plans, no one ever really thinks about a death that may occur.  Life can change quickly at a moments notice and one discovers soon how fragile life truly is.  What was the biggest issue of the week suddenly becomes minute and small compared to a loss or the death of a loved one.  It puts one into a proper proportion of what matters most.  Some individuals should learn from this from others and understand how important the lives they share with others matters.


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The article, “You Can Plan For Everything, But Grief” by Tracey Wallace discusses various lives that were forever changed by loss.  She states,

“After months of intense grief, a year later Phil now loves going home to their house. He’s even started dating a bit again. And while the grief has become more manageable, he still learns new insights every day about just how special he and Alan’s connection really was.”

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It is truly terrifying to see how lives can change through loss but it is also amazing to see how people fight back and cope and continue their lives despite the loss.  One’s life will never be the same but it does not mean one’s life is over.  It is altered but never over.

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