Holistic Interactive Practitioner Program Article on Holistic Medication and Treatment

Alternative practices and holistic remedies usually treat causes more than symptoms.  In many ways they are also more preventive but in some cases can be utilized for treatment.  With all the confusion of what alternative or holistic medicine to use, it is important to coordinate any additional alternative practices or medicines with your primary care giver.  It is also important to discuss with a Holistic Interactive Practitioner about what medications are best and which ones should not be used with each other.  Nurses make excellent potential Holistic caregivers.

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The article, “Treating the Causes, Not the Symptoms” by Sheila Julson states,

“Complementary (also called integrative) medicine is when a non-mainstream practice is used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Alternative medicine uses non-mainstream practices in place of conventional medicine. They’re often referred to together as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and have a similar objective: to find and treat the underlying causes of health problems rather than to just address symptoms.”

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