Grief Counseling Certification Article on Miscarriage Grief

After a miscarriage so many emotions can erupt.  For some relief but with that relief possibly guilt.  Some may also mourn the loss and feel extreme sadness and anger.  These emotions are natural with such a close loss to one’s self.  Miscarriage loss is something that is many times swept to the side but is indeed a big loss with multiple emotions that can interact in strange ways.

Miscarriage is a big loss for many women. Numerous emotions surround it. Please also review our Grief Counseling Certification

The article, “After a Miscarriage, Grief, Anger, Envy, Relief and Guilt” by Jessica Grose stated, 

“October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, and if your family has experienced any kind of loss, we are here for you. Miscarriage is common — as many as 15 percent of known pregnancies end in a first-trimester loss.”

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Dealing with grief especially after the loss of a child in womb or out is a difficult thing to deal with.  Sometimes grief counseling is needed to help others overcome these type of miscarriage losses.  Please also review our Grief Counseling Certification