Pet Loss Grief Counseling Program Article on the Nature of Pet Loss

Losing a pet is traumatic but is there a line to be drawn before it becomes too abnormal?  For instance, losing a dog or cat is questioned by some as not a true loss.  Obviously this loss is subjective to the person who loss the animal but it is clear dogs, cats and even horses are companions.  They are more like family to many and to some, all they have.   Can it be taken farther to include mice, or fish?  This is a difficult question when something crosses the line as a pathology and not recognizing the reality of grief in the person.  The grief definitely needs respected but what are the lines that should be drawn in regards to abnormal reactions?  Individuals can form unhealthy bonds, but those bonds still exist and need respected.

Is pet loss grief limited to only dogs, cats and horses or should more extreme forms of loss be accepted? Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Counseling Program

The article, “Why I’m Mourning The Death Of My Hedgehog As Much As Any Dog Or Cat” by Gark Mavigan looks at why grief can be over any type of loss and should be respected.  He states.

“Vicky and I had cried enough tears to make a small island out of Northern California’s favorite whitewashed Mexican food chain. We’d only been married a few months, so this was our tragedy honeymoon, our first time facing loss head-on as a team.

“Do you think she’s in heaven? Or hedgie heaven?” I tried to eke a smile out of Vicky’s puffed-up face, though I was legitimately curious.”

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Again, grieving over loss is a normal thing.  One can grieve over the loss of any pet.  The subjective connection is the key.   Whether that connection is healthy or not is not the concern initially of the grief counselor, but helping the person adjust to the loss in a proportionate way.  It is not so much that certain losses are greater or less, but first acknowledging one’s loss and helping one through it.

Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Counseling Program