Holistic Integrative Healthcare Specialist Article on Alternative Treatments

Many individuals seek alternative forms of therapy due to a variety of reasons.  Some seek it because they distrust Western medicine, others are seeking other options beyond the scope of healing found in the West.  Many are clinging to last bit of hope.  Others seek alternative methods because insurance will not cover conventional.  Whatever the case, the desire to seek out other methods of healing is apparent.

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Some alternative methods are time proven while others may be not as reliable.   This is why it is important to understand the procedures and also understand their role in overall health.  Mixing them with other therapies may be counter productive or dangerous without professional guidance.

AIHCP’s Holistic and Integrative Healthcare Program for nurses allows nurses to be the supplier of both Eastern and Western knowledge to the patient.   Nurses understand  modern medicine and can also play a role in understanding alternative therapies.  This is an important role with the growing demand for alternative therapies.

Some therapies are herbal, while others are physical, but when patients seek cures or therapies without professional guidance, then bad things can occur.  A Holistic Nurse supplies the safety net to guide a patient through the various safe and proven alternative therapies.

Many patients who have been diagnosed with no cure seek these therapies for a miracle.  Most therapies are long term, or life style incorporated into its culture, while some therapies can supply relief.  Holistic Nurses can help patients find the right practice for the patient.  As a Holistic and Integrative Healthcare Specialist, nurses can be a guiding light in this confusing landscape.

Whether acupuncture, massage therapy or chiropractic care, alternative physical therapies can play big roles in overall health.  Certain herbs and medicines can also help the body heal overtime but one needs guidance!

Not all therapies are physical.  Many new and exciting therapies are also behavioral in nature.  They look to heal the mind.  AIHCP offers hypnotherapy and EFT programs for professionals seeking to help others with mental maladies.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapy to help the mind heal.  It looks to discover trauma, grief and other pain and help one face it through subconscious treatment.  AIHCP offers a Hypnotherapy Certification for qualified professionals.  In addition to Hypnotherapy, AIHCP also offers EFT.  EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique looks to unlock the body’s innate ability to dismiss negative energy and heal.  It is excellent way to help heal oneself from past trauma.

These three programs are excellent ways for healthcare professionals to offer their services in the alternative medical field.  As a certified Holistic Nurse or a Holistic Integrative Healthcare Specialist, one will be able to help guide numerous individuals to time proven alternative modalities for better health.   With EFT and Hypnotherapy certifications, one will also be able to help individuals heal mentally.

Please review these programs and see if they match your academic and professional goals.