Legal Nurse Consulting Blog on AIHCP’s Legal Nursing Certification

Malpractice is a big concern for both patient and caregiver.  It is something that costs millions upon millions of dollars a year for caregivers.  Some caregivers are simply make a small mistake while others are negligent or even criminal.

Malpractice whether accidental or criminal is a common issue in healthcare.

It is important that caregivers give the best treatment and respect to their patients.  Unfortunately this is not always the case and patients need to seek legal action.  There are multitudes of lawyers who specialize in medical error.  They look to bring justice to patients who have received improper care through malpractice cases.

Whether the medical error deals with diagnoses, actual treatment, or for the care of an infant or elderly, one can seek justice against caregivers who give poor quality of care.   This is why it is so important for caregivers to be diligent in their care of their patients.  Whether a doctor, a nurse, or even an aide, it is critical to follow procedure, as well as document the appropriate charts.

Documentation is key especially for nurses in malpractice.  It can determine guilt or innocence in a malpractice case.  It can also free one from responsibility and point guilt to another party.   So while accidents do happen, it is important to not care for one’s patient but to also follow procedure.

Doctors themselves also must follow procedure, but when they deviate or make decision errors, they will likely face a malpractice.  Even the best intentions of a doctor can lead to error, so the reality of malpractice is always present.

A Legal Nurse Consultant is a medical expert, who understands medicine and procedure in nursing or healthcare, but also is trained in the process of medical law.  They can serve both the caregiver’s case, as well as the patient’s case.  Usually firms look to them for guidance in determining culpability in a medical case.

Legal Nurse Consultants can provide expert advice and also supply research, but they can also provide expert testimony in malpractice cases.  They can provide justice for either the caregiver or the patient.

Legal Nurse Consultants can bring expertise to firms regarding nursing procedure and possible nursing error

With malpractice such a large reality in the medical field and so many accidents, criminal or just accidental occurring, nurses can play a large role in helping determine culpability in cases.   As a Legal Nurse Consultant, nurses can take their skills from the hospital floor to the courtroom.

If you are a registered nurse and would like to enter into the exciting field of Legal Nurse Consulting, then please review the American College of Legal Nursing and see if the program meets your professional goals.   The program is online, independent study and even offers continuing education for some nurses.  The certification is four years and can be renewed.

Please let us know if you have any interest in becoming certified in Legal Nurse Consulting.  With the certification you can begin an exciting new career that diversifies and takes your nursing career into directions you never imagined.