Nurses and Case Management

Nurses and Case Management

Healthcare Case management is an important field for any administration or hospital.  It helps track the overall health and needs of patients.   It is critical to the success of the hospital as well as to the patients.

Nurses are excellent candidates for healthcare case management. Please review our Nursing Case Management Program

Nurses are excellent candidates to become case managers for hospitals.  Nurses who have worked at the hospital have a knowledge of the system and can prove to good internal hires by the administration.   Nurses with skills in case management can make the switch from the floor to the office very easily.  Some positions require some type of formal education to enter into this field.  A certification is an excellent way to achieve the education and the confidence needed to fill a position of case management.  Most hospitals prefer to have a case manager who is certified.  Many hospitals also pay for their nurses or case managers to become certified.

The American Academy of Case Management offers a Healthcare Case Management Certification.  This Nursing Case Management focus is an excellent way for nurses to become certified and be able to perform their functions as a case manager.  The Nursing Case Management program is independent study and online.  After the completion of five core courses, the nurse or student can apply for a four year certification.

Again the courses are independent study and self paced.   The courses are completely online.  Each course requires a text book and the completion of an open book exam.  Students can utilize their instructors as much or as little as they need.

Nursing Case Management is critical to hospital success and patient well being. Please also review our Nursing Case Management Program

Since Case management such a critical and important aspect to hospital function and patient well being, nurses can become excellent candidates to become case managers.  Please review AIHCP’s Nursing Case Management program and see if it matches your academic and professional needs.  With the education and training from the American Academy of Case Management, you will be able to face any case management challenges in a hospital setting.


What Do Nurse Case Managers Do?

Nurse Case Managers or Healthcare Case Managers are important parts of the hospital system.  A case manager coordinates with various departments regarding the overall health of the patient.  The case manager is the record keeper and makes sure all medical professionals are on the same page.   They also play a key role in helping recover.  In this way, it goes well beyond just the background of the patient and the initial stay but also includes recovery plans.

Nurse Patient Educators can play an important role with the Case Manager in ensuring the recovery and overall health of the patient.  This reduces re-entry to the hospital and cuts down price.  In this way, nurse case managers play a big role in outcome base statistics.

Nursing Case Managers are important for records, coordination and recovery care. Please review our Nursing Case Management Program

If you find interest in the case management field, please again review the American Academy of Case Managements information and see if it meets your professional goals and needs.