Substance Abuse Counseling Training Program Article on Role of Addiction Counselors

The role of an addiction counselor is critical in helping individuals overcome addictive impulses as well as substance abuse. Helping individuals overcome this can be achieved through licensed counselors with degrees in counseling, or also through educated professionals, some licensed, others not, who are certified in substance abuse counseling.   Substance Abuse Counseling itself does not require a license, but numerous professionals in the counseling field add such certifications to their background

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The article,  “The Role of the Counselor in Addiction Recovery” from Wake Forest University looks at the role of an Addiction Counselor.  The article states,

“Substance abuse counselors provide a necessary support system for individuals recovering from eating disorders, drug and alcohol issues, gambling addictions, and other behavioral issues. By forming a relationship built on trust with their patients, counselors provide the support, resources, and judgement-free guidance that patients can utilize on their road to addiction recovery.”

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