Christian Counseling Training Article on Christian Contentment

Materialistic society is always seeking for more or the very best and always concerned who has more or who has less.   This type of behavior is contrary to the Gospel and Christian values.

Christ teaches us to avoid materialism. Please also review our Christian Counseling Training
Christ teaches us to avoid materialism. Please also review our Christian Counseling Training

In the parable of the workers and their wage, Christ referred to a generous employer who paid a number of employees for a fair day’s work.  The project not nearing completion by mid-day required more work, so he hired additional workers to finish the job.   Upon payment, the initial workers harbored resentment to the employer for paying the fellow employees who worked only half the day the same wage.

This parable points to how people naturally are always looking at what others receive instead of being thankful for what they have or possess.  The natural inclination to want more or be envious of others possessions is a fruit of the society of materialism.

Materialism seeks to enhance one’s life without gratitude or spiritual enhancement and instead makes objects man’s final end.   This can only lead to disaster in a fallen world, where objects are far from infinite and can be stolen or taken away at any moment.

This false philosophy of materialism that seeks the object as the end itself fails to quest man’s search for complete happiness because it places man’s hope in false idols that cannot satisfy man’s deeper needs.   It also induces a misery upon those who prescribe to it.  Always looking what another person possesses or seeking more and more is quite a compulsive waste of energy that can only lead one down a path of unhappiness.

Christ, in his parable, rebuked the workers who complained to their employer about his kindness and generosity to others.  He reminded the disciples that people must be content with what they possess and be thankful for it to God.

Materialism eliminates any chance to be content or thankful in this life.  Its empty promises of possession never can fill the needs that drive man, but only diverts man from his true purpose and end with God.  When one seeks false ends of illusion, one will never find true happiness but only find despair and misery

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