Bereavement Counseling Program Article on Helping a Bereaved Friend

Great article about how to help a grieving friend.  Too many times one does more harm trying to help by doing the wrong thing or saying the wrong thing.  Helping a grieving friend requires some understanding of grief itself

Please also review our bereavement counseling program
Please also review our bereavement counseling program

The article, “What Your Grieving Friend Really Needs :When someone you love dies, every single relationship in your life is reevaluated”, by Lisa Ingrassia states

“My feelings were crushed the night my father died.  My entire world exploded when my father died.

As I silently observed my father take his last breath, I felt my heart beat hard inside my chest, exactly six times before I burst into uncontrollable tears.”

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Please also review our Bereavement Counseling Program

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