Substance Abuse Counseling Article Modern Strides Being Made in Addiction and Mental Health

Modern Strides Being Made in Addiction and Mental Health

Good article on substance abuse. Please also review our substance abuse counseling program
Good article on substance abuse. Please also review our substance abuse counseling program


Modern strides for aiding addiction recovery and helping in overcoming mental health disorders are creating opportunities for individuals to incorporate new perspectives, healing, and new tools and techniques in the quest for the best possible health outcomes. With new ways of looking at and treating addiction, will come less stigma attached with the disease.

The Evolution of a Theory

No longer seen as a sign of weak character or moral shortcoming, there have been great advancements made in helping individuals to recover from addiction and to overcome mental health disorders. Modern theory over the last fifty years now views addiction as a treatable disease and there are a number of treatment plans available to help the individual struggling with addiction or mental health issues.

At the Beginning

Most drug and alcohol recovery programs begin with the process of detoxing. Once the substance that has been abused is removed and the addict is allowed to work on recovery with a clear mind and body the foundation is laid for addressing the issues that led to addiction.


One of the tools used in recovery is therapy. It is now recognized that many addicts have undiagnosed or untreated mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTS, and other issues that need to be addressed. Therapy can include individual, group, immersion, cognitive, behavioral counseling, and other types of counseling.

Skills for Living

Another useful tool is to develop skills for living. This is useful for both addiction recovery and mental health issues. These skills may include anger management, priority setting, visualization, and learning appropriate self-talk and interpersonal communication skills. Many modern Addiction Treatment centers work with patients to come up with plans to work on these skills.

A United Front

Another modern stride toward working with addiction and mental health issues is recognizing the body/mind/spirit connection. Being united and holistic in looking at healing both in body and mind can be beneficial in working about the greatest change.

Food is the First Medicine

Nutrition is paramount. Many addicts are malnourished which exacerbates problems. Recognizing the connection between health and nutrition, addiction recovery centers take pride in not only providing nutritious cuisine but often try to use organic foodstuffs whenever possible.


Exercise is a major component in the goal of attaining health. In numerous studies, exercise has proven a wonderful method for restoring both physical and mental health.

The Skills of Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness practice is an ancient system that is now being studied by scientists and added to the tool chest to help individuals in every walk of life have a better quality of life. Mindfulness training is a method to calm and quiet the mind and is proving extremely useful for people seeking help in overcoming addiction and mental illness.


Supplements, vitamins, herbs, tinctures, and teas are a method now being employed to help people live their best lives. The benefits of natural supplements are gaining acceptance with allopathic healthcare providers.


Many people have had good outcomes with the use of medication to control mental illness. Pharmacological modalities are one more possible way to handle the challenges that come with mental illness and addiction. The individual should work closely with his/her healthcare provider to reach the right dosage as it not only varies with each person, but one person’s plan may change over time.


One of the obstacles and/or symptoms that add to the problems of addiction and mental illness is a tendency for people in that state to isolate. We now recognize this as a symptom of the disease, and one that lends itself to the dilemma of the downward spiral. One of the best ways to deal with mental illness and addiction is to develop a connection with others. Whether it is through therapy, family, friends, or a group with which one shares common interests, it is beneficial to form healthy alliances.

Animal Companions

Another avenue for healing is through interacting with animals. Their non-judgmental affection enables people to find peace and comfort. The responsibility of nurturing and enjoying the company of an animal companion is therapeutic. So much so that some addiction recovery centers are now adding an animal care component, such as equestrian therapy, as part of their healing services.


One of the best things that an individual on the road to recovery can do is to find an arena of satisfaction. Whether it’s a hobby, sport, intellectual pursuit, or cause, finding something that brings personal satisfaction is a way to maintain mental and emotional equilibrium. In addiction and mental illness, hobbies and goals are often jettisoned and restoring them is one of the roadways back to health.

In the sphere of mental health and recovery from addiction, there have been incredible modern strides made in diagnosis and treatment.

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