Healthcare Case Management: What Provisions are Missing from Your Healthcare Future?

What Provisions are Missing from Your Healthcare Future?


Please also review our healthcare case management program
Please also review our healthcare case management program

There will be several changes in the medical industry coming soon. The Affordable Care Act is impacting doctors, nurses, and patients with it’s new laws and rules. Many nurses are working fewer hours as a result, and providing quality medical care is becoming a challenge for some. Fortunately, hospitals and clinics will always need nurses and there are many improvements coming along with these changes. Patients should be concerned about their health care plans and what is included in them. A quality health care plan will have the following provisions.

Home Health Care Worker

Many people receive health care services outside of a medical setting, especially as they get older. Home health care workers provide services to people who are temporarily and permanently disabled. A home health care nurse can assist patients with their daily tasks and can also give the patient’s family detailed care instructions. It is always a good idea to include provisions for a home nurse or assistant. Check out programs like United Energy Workers Healthcare for more information on what you may qualify for.

Mental Health Care Services

Some people need mental health care services in their healthcare plan. Before you purchase a health care plan, you should make sure the plan offers coverage for certain mental health care services if this is an issue for you. The plan should offer coverage for inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Some insurance policies have a separate deductible for mental health care services as well. You should choose a plan that has an affordable deductible for mental health care services.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture Coverage

Some insurance plans do not cover chiropractic and acupuncture services. If you deal with chronic pain, make sure you have services on hand or that are provided for in some way. Some people think that these benefits are not a necessity, but if you ever have a serious injury, you may need chiropractic or acupuncture services and they can be covered.

Pre-existing Conditions Coverage

All medical plans should cover pre-existing conditions. In the past, insurance companies would not insure people who had a pre-existing medical condition. The affordable care act does not allow discrimination based on a person’s current health status. You should make sure that the insurance policy does not permit exclusions based on pre-existing medical conditions.

Preventative Health Care Services

Your plan should offer affordable preventative health care services. Most doctors want to treat a serious medical condition in the early stages of the disease. If your plan has reasonably priced preventative health care services, you can visit your primary care doctor whenever you have a medical problem.

New changes are becoming effective every year, and the changes are impacting individuals and large companies. Your insurance policy is an important purchase. If you have any questions about your policy, you should contact the company for clarification.


Please also review our healthcare case management program

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