Certificaton In Case Management and Nursing Leadership

Nursing leadership can be enhanced with a certification in case management.  Read the article to learn more
Nursing leadership can be enhanced with a certification in case management. Read the article to learn more

Career Nurses: How to Become a Successful Leader in Your Hospital or Clinic

A leader can be defined in countless ways, but every definition includes the ability to motivate and educate others to improve themselves and their performance. In a hospital or health clinic, leaders ensure patients are properly cared for and employees are happy and qualified. Here are some tips to help career nurses become leaders.

Interact with Your Coworkers

Nurses serve their patients diligently. While this is certainly a chief job component, becoming a leader also requires getting to know your coworkers. The better you know the people you want to lead, the greater understanding you will have of their areas for improvement. Make sure to befriend your coworkers and learn what motivates them.

Get a Master’s Degree in Nursing Online

The more education you get the more knowledge you have. This will make you better equipped to lead others and increase your nursing acumen. Obtaining a master’s of nursing online will also expose you to facets of nursing you may be less experienced in. Such experience allows you to better relate to nurses and doctors in your hospital or clinic. Now, top universities offer master’s degrees in nursing online, meaning there has never been a more flexible or convenient time to get your master’s degree.

Seek Out Committee Positions

Most hospitals and clinics have some sort of panel, committee, or advisory board. Volunteer for a position on one of them. You will obtain valuable decision making experience and get to hear from your coworkers. You will learn what they are passionate about and what bothers them at the workplace. Once you know the concerns employees have, you can help them turn concerns into improvements. The face time you will get with others is also key to developing trust and communication.

Lead by Example

Leaders must back up their words with actions. When you communicate a message, make sure it comes to fruition. Doing small things to make the workplace better—whether it be cleaning up the breakroom, greeting people in the morning, or any other small gestures of service—show people that you lead by example.

Thank People

Positive affirmation goes a long way. It makes coworkers feel appreciated. It also makes you likeable. Compliment the people in your hospital or clinic when they do a good job. Let them know that you value them and the talents they bring to the workplace.

In Conclusion

Career nurses can be influential leaders. In fact to be truly successful in any hospital or clinic, a nurse must be a leader in some fashion. Nursing is a career where one must take the initiative as someone’s life may depend on it. It is not just about making the workplace a better or happier place for your co-workers, but it could mean life or death for certain patients. If you are thinking of getting into a nursing career, keep the tips above in mind and keep doing your homework to make sure that this is a career that is right for you. In the end, you will need to become a leader and if you are successful, then you will have a truly fulfilling and memorable career.


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