A Definitive Guide for Main Causes of Lower Left Back Pain

Holistic Nursing Certification: A Definitive Guide for Main Causes of Lower Left Back Pain

Lower back pain is generally categorized as the pain occurring in the lower back area, which could relate with the problems having in the lumbar region of the spine, the ligaments around the spine and discs, the discs between the vertebrae, the spinal cord and nerves, internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen, muscles of the lower back, or the skin covering the lumbar area. Majority of adults experience severe back pain at some point in their lifetime and generally they suffer from left-sided lower back pain rather than right-sided lower back pain.

There are different types of problem that could result in lower back pain. So let us have a brief look on different causes of lower left back pain:

  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is most common reason for those women who are suffering from lower left back pain that could occur for several reasons. Some of the reasons could be-
    • As the baby grows in size, the uterus can compress the pain sensitive structures while including nerves and urethras.
    • Due to the compression of the sciatic nerve the lower left back pain could occur while sitting, walking and doing other necessary stuffs.
    • Several hormonal changes could result in softening the ligaments that create additional strain on the pelvic and low back ligaments.
    • Additional weight of the growing baby could add up to the lower left back pain problem.
  • Herniated Disc and Sciatica: Discs are the structures that provide cushioning between bones of the spine. With the passage of time, this wears out, shrink, bulge or even get ruptured. When any of this happens, the disc material is being forced out of its normal position while resulting into the compression of an adjacent nerve. This causes herniated disc which further compressing the sciatica nerve results into the sciatica problem. This pain is generally one-sided and is felt down towards the buttock, hip while including all the way down towards the lower leg or foot.
  • Kidney infection: Kidney infections are also one of the causes of lower left back pain. It could even cause low back pain on one or both the sides. The infection generally starts in the bladder that travels up towards the kidneys while creating swelling, inflammation and pain. This pain is worse in the case of movement or palpation of the area. Fever and nausea could also go along with the kidney infection.
  • Kidney stones: Kidney stones are also one of the factors that cause rapid onset of excruciating the left or right-sided pain. This pain most often radiates down the flank towards the lower abdomen and down the groin. One, who is suffering from kidney stone, could always feel a sensation of urgency to urinate. In some severe cases, blood may come out with the urine as a consequence of the stone moving in the urinary tract passageways.
  • Spinal stenosis: This condition generally results in the case when spinal canal begins to narrow down and encroach on the spinal cord. This process occurs mostly in older individuals while causing arthritis, disc herniation as well as the bone spur formation. Several common symptoms could include- back pain, loss of strength in one or both legs, numbness or weakness.
  • Other major causes: There are several other medical conditions that are responsible for lower back pain, especially on the left side. Some of the causes are ovarian cysts and fibroid tumors or gastrointestinal problems that include irritable bowel, inflammation of the pancreas or the peptic ulcer disease.

Thus, these were some of the most common causes that could result in lower left back pain problem.

Author’s Bio:  Jenna is a medical expert and working in the medical field for several years, as well as a professional blogger too. She likes to share her recent researches on different medical conditions with her viewers. Here She is sharing the main causes of lower left back pain.


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