Certified Health Care Life Coach: How can Adults Eradicate the Obesity in Kids

A certified health care life coach can help you guide yourself or child into better health and better diet
A certified health care life coach can help you guide yourself or child into better health and better diet

The startling increase in the rate of obesity in children has worried the WHO (world health organization). The kids with extra pounds in their bodies tend to suffer from various physical ailments. They are also prone to the risk of developing asthma and heart diseases. The obese children get affected in an emotional way because of their excessive weight. They tend to lose their confidence due to frequent teasing at schools and public places. Even if it doesn’t happen, they become shy and do not wish to step out of the house.

Lack of activity leads to increase in their fat and weight. Obesity makes the child physically and mentally incompetent. Often they are excluded from the school activities, which make them lonesome and depressed. If the feeling persists then these young kids would start hating their body which may lead to some dangerous situation at a later stage.

Prospects of Physical Activities

According to a research conducted in the year 2012, parents revealed the chances of getting their kids involved in physical activities to decrease their fat, and vice-versa increase their self-confidence. The concerned age was from 0-8 tears. However in 2013 there was an improvisation seen in the health of kids by 61 percent.

The years 2012-13 witnessed the chances amongst the young children to get involved in the physical activities like sports and swimming. It gradually rose according to the age-group. The children who were benefitted by the exercises were mostly from American Indians, children of natives of Alaska, Arab and American children, and the young ones of Latin and Spanish parents. Amongst this brood the adults figured more chances of white kids involving in the physical activities, and getting better results than the kids from other nationality or tribe. The reason was unknown but these gave chance of studying the life of colored people in a better way.

Kids suffering from obesity also sometimes suffer from speech problems. They might stutter or cannot speak the exact words. To heal this problem the speech pathologists Newcastle provide verbal communication reviews and healing to the child. The aspect of family focused therapy is used by the speech pathologists Newcastle so that both the child and the parents get attuned with goals and concept of speech therapy sessions.

Reduced Ratios of Obesity

Fresh surveys and trends amplify the fact that the rising risk of obesity in children has slowly reduced. In the year 2011 the ratio of reduction in obesity moderately decreased by 0.3% in the kids aged from 2-5 years. Similarly, the kids suffering from their weight problems indulged in the physical activities and got better health aspect, it reduced the obesity problem by one percent.

Encouraging Analysis

There were appreciated efforts made by the grown-ups to eradicate this problem by developing recreation centers, sports-club and parks for kids. The survey further emphasized the investment in organizing camps for children, and gymnasium for those living in the lower income group. Parents, teachers and other responsible adults working with children encouraged the children to indulge in activities like sports, hiking, swimming which helped in reducing the fat cells from the body and thereby increased the power of immune system.

Autho’s Bio

Jenna is a certified music therapist who uses music to heal the autism in children. She often writes blogs for health topics. Here she provides information on the speech pathologists Newcastle who aide the children suffering from speech problems due to low confidence resulting from obesity.

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